SitRep Viet Nam

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What People Are Saying

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What a powerful story. Engrossing - and beautifully written. The reader is drawn into the experiences and actions and fears of a Marine's life in the Vietnam can feel it, hear it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this account...not able to turn the pages fast enough. The vivid descriptions, the subtle sarcasm and humor, all make this a tremendous read.

 Excellent Read April 17, 2013
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Like reading a diary; learned A LOT about the men who served in VietNam. Highly recommend this if anyone you love served.

 War is Hell April 12, 2013
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SitRep:Viet Nam
SitRep is a realistic account of the day to day lives of young marines in the hostile jungle environment of Viet Nam. This book is a sensory and vivid view of what these young men experienced in their daily lives during this fruitless war. The character that touched me the most was Doc P. He exemplified the idealism of a young man who quickly modifies his feelings when the reality and horrors of war quickly envelop him. He reminds me of all the young men who fought this war.
SitRep is comparable to What They Carried by Tim O'Brien in that it provided more insight into an awful time of supreme sacrifice for so many brave young Americans.
Like Pumpkin, I was pregnant and at home, praying that the brown car never stopped at my door.
War is Hell

A Great Read May 21, 2013

By John Brier

This is a great read. It slowly winds you into the head of this young Marine officer as he is faced with learning his men, his mission and along the way a great deal about himself. His story so adequately describes the war, his war as tedious, waiting and moments of all hell breaking lose. This is a look at war up real close and personal. All the while his thoughts of home and his family a punctuated with the reality of the rain, mud and muck of a terrible war in a terrible place.

The Fog Of War December 11, 2013
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John Newton tethers you to his gritty Vietnam story just as the Marines tethered him to Vietnam for his tour of duty. He takes you with him into the jungle of the frightful and the unexpected that was the Viet Nam war. His story includes bits of platoon jargon you may have to research. This war stuff was all new to him as a young Lieutenant who suddenly realizes he’s responsible for the lives of his men. Lt. Sam, despite his training, has to quickly learn the way things are done and the tactics of jungle warfare in order to survive. He doesn't hold the reader's hand. The reader gets to know some of the Marines who tramped dangerous paths with him through billowing brush and the wide open rice paddies. Many passages; some stream of consciousness, some dream segments, bits of thoughts about the present and future are revealed in Lt. Sam’s mind. Don't expect a definition on every page or a glossary. It is what it is. The fog of war mists through the pages of SitRep: Viet Nam.